Moon Knight #3

by Jonathan Closner on May 07, 2014

Written By: Warren Ellis
Art by:Declan Shalvey

There are times in life when things just don’t make sense. You look at all the facts and you just don’t see any logical explanation for what has occurred so when logic fails the next step is to embark in the crazy and just go with it, and that’s exactly what Moon Knight does.
Moon Knight # 3 is a thrill ride into the life of marvels strangest superhero in this issue Mark Spector (Moon Knight) takes on a gang of ghost punks with the help of some mystical weapons.
What I loved
Warren Ellis is a master story teller and a character like Moon Knight  is a great choice for him because he is a character that has not had a lot of stories centered around  him in recent years so he has not had his character defined  into something different from all the other masked vigilantes and that is what Warren does really well taking a not well know character, making him different and intriguing. He also does a great job to make the threats and villains that he fight would only be able to be fought by Moon Knight. Who else is going to fight a ghost of punks? , centeranily not Spider man! What I also loved about this book is that Moon Knight isn’t just crazy the whole world around him is just as crazy so he fits in to this  F-ed up world that Mark Spector calls home.  The art is gorgeous making Moon Knight look like negative space on the page is a wonderful idea having him being this bright figure in the dark world he lives in feels like he is the only hope for the terrible things that go on an in his city. I have to mention how fluid and fast paced the art feels building this issue into the weirdest darkest show you’ve ever seen.
What I did not like
There are a couple things that bug me about the format of Moon Knight the last three issues have been one offs and they have felt like fairly short stories which is not a bad thing but I would like the character of Moon Knight to be developed more and would also like to see why he is world is so crazy, but im sure we’ll get to that in time.
This issue of Moon Knight is straight up weird and that’s why it’s awesome.  It has fluidly gorgeous art mixed with tons of action as well as a sad twist ending.  I never know what to expect when I open this book still making it surprisingly spectacular each issue.

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