Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #13

by John White on January 25, 2017

Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: V Ken Marion
Colorist: Alex Sollazzo

Publisher: DC Comics

It is a trip down memory lane and a hint of things to come in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #13 as Robert Venditti sets the stage for stories to come. The issue is unique in that it doesn’t focus on any of Earth’s Green Lanterns but rather on a couple of Xudarian grandparents telling stories to their grandchildren of terrors and heroes from long ago. Although many audience members may have wanted Venditti to pick up where he left off, with a united Green Lantern and Sinestro Corp policing the universe and searching for the lost lanterns of hope, stories that show familiar events from an outsider’s perspective are just as important. It is not enough just to have the Green Lantern Corps return to the universe. They also need to establish themselves as the protectors of justice in the universe once again and this story proves that they are well on their way.

The narrator of this issue is Somar Le of Xudar, who is tasked with telling her grandchildren a bedtime tale.  Of course she decides to tell of the time Starr, the Star Conqueror, came to Xudar when she was a little girl and the Green Lantern Corps came to save her and her people.  Even though we are familiar with this story, having just finished the wonderful Bottled Light arc, this issue is so much more than just a rehash. Since this story takes place sixty earth years after the events of the story, Somar Le peppers in details about the various lanterns and the corps in general that have not been revealed yet.  Instead of ending the issue with the defeat of Larfleeze, she continues on and explains that this was not “the final time the Green Lantern Corps stood up for those less empowered”. We are then treated to a multi-page spread where not only are we told that in the coming days the Green Lantern Corps will face the many fearsome threats of the universe but that some will be “old and forgotten” while others are new and with incomprehensible power. The art says more than words ever could in these pages as we see a Sinestro Corpsmen with swords drenched in blood and legions of power rings that look identical to Power Ring’s ring of Volthoom. What this means for the future is uncertain, but what is known for sure is that even though all these terrors lurk on the horizon, the Green Lantern Corps will be there to combat it.

Many times stand alone issues can be viewed as throwaway stories that have no effect on the larger picture, but that could not be further from the truth for Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #13. Not only does it set up future adventures and villains the Corp will face, but it also ends on a feeling of hope that no matter how terrible things may seem in the moment the long run will prove it all to be worth it. Sixty years from now Xudar is safe and prosperous and the Green Lantern Corps are revered as heroes. The biggest takeaway I have from this issue is that the threats to come are not going to be minor inconveniences. By showing a blood stained member of the Sinestro Corps we have to wonder if there are more Yellow Lanterns left than we believe or if Soranik’s appeals of that she only wants to serve as the Universe’s protector are merely a ruse to weaken the Green Lantern Corps? What will it mean for a universe full of Power Rings? Will they all be as unstable as Power Ring was during the events of Forever Evil? No matter how it all turns out, the future of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps will certainly be exciting.

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