Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #10

by John White on December 14, 2016

Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: Ed Benes
Colorist: Jason Wright

With the combined forces of the Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps captured by Brainiac and Hal Jordan slowly becoming one with the emotional spectrum, the return of the White Lantern could not come a moment too soon. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #10 sees the continuation of Robert Venditti’s “Bottled Light” storyline, and what it lacks in action, it more than makes up for in emotional depth, character resurgence, and the return of a certain avaricious adversary that may change the way we look at Brainiac and his collections forever.

The issue opens with Braniac cataloging all the recent captures while the lanterns can do nothing but wait. Although their imprisonment will not be permanent, it is good that Venditti takes this issue to show just how powerless they are at this time. Even when they are saving the city from a series of earthquakes, it is nothing more than a “fascinating display of luminescence” that Braniac thinks will please the mysterious Grand Collector. It is uncertain how long the combined corps will remain prisoners of the collection but you can be sure that the time will be used to explore the tension between these two groups that always seems to be seconds away from exploding.

Elsewhere in the universe, Kyle Rayner tries to understand his role in bringing back Hal from the green space of the emotional spectrum. Although it is exciting to see the one time torchbearer back in the Green Lantern books, how he will be used will determine how the story progresses. As the White Lantern, he is one of the most powerful beings in the universe and someone who feels he has a calling to help everyone everywhere. In the past two series to feature Kyle Rayner, he has been wayward in the universe and often times went to the regions that were overlooked by the rest of the books put out by DC. How he will fit into the books going forward remains to be seen, but hopefully it will be for more than just pulling Corpsman back from the edge of death.

Even though he is beyond the physical plane, Hal Jordan still finds a way to drive the story forward. Whilst in the realm of fallen lanterns, deceased comrades such as Tomar-Re and Katma greet Hal, but noticeably absent are the rest of the Green Lantern Corp. Although we as readers have known that the Jon Stewart, Guy Gardner, and the rest survived their recent ordeals, Hal did not. In fact his goal at the beginning of this series was to locate them so that they could go back to bringing order to the universe. Will this revelation cause him to abandon this search, especially after Abin Sur tasks him with rekindling the light of hope? The next issue should answer this question, but my hope is the original four of Earth’s Green Lanterns are reunited before the next major story arc.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #10 is a strong issue that will keep your attentions form beginning to end. This issue is as much about what is learned as it is what happens. The revelation of the Grand Collectors identity, as well as the dwindling light of hope, will without a doubt play heavily in the issues to come. In his first opportunity to write the four Earth lanterns, Robert Venditti has proven that he is up to the task of balancing the story between them. Ed Benes art is dynamic and Jason Wrights colors are bright, making this book not only wonderful to read but also beautiful to behold.

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