Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #9

by John White on November 22, 2016

Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: Rafa Sandoval
Colorist: Tomeu Morey

Captured by an old enemy and trapped on a planet with a population that would kill as soon as look at them, the combined forces of the Green Lantern and reformed Sinestro Corps’ are forced to rely on each other as they struggle for survival. Robert Venditti’s second arc at the helm of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps takes a major leap forward as not only does the titular hero return, in a manner of speaking, but so too does a wayward hero who may be the key to not only free all the trapped lanterns, but also to establishing a lasting peace in the Universe that no Corps has been able to manage thus far. With appearances with two of the last remaining Guardians of the Universe, it is clear the Venditti is not holding anything back as he attempts to write the best Green Lantern story yet.

As the reality of their situations sets in, the combined corps attempt all manners of escape. Despite attempts to break the walls of their enclosure with power tools and laser beams, they are no closer to escape than they were at the start. To make matters worse, those infected with Starro’s spores begin to rise up against their would be rescuers, leaving the combined Corps with two problems to deal with. But how is this possible? Having seen Starro disappear before their very eyes, Jon Stewart, Guy Gardner, and the rest believed them to be safe from its psychic powers. As the pieces begin to fall into place, Jon Stewart realizes a sobering fact. They are not trapped by a simple energy field but rather by glass, the glass dome that belongs to the galactic collector known as Brainiac.

While the Corps struggle for survival on Xudar, Hal Jordan finds himself trapped in a prison of a different sort. Guided by a familiar voice, Hal tries to make sense of the recent events of his life. He remembers his battle with Sinestro and the blinding green light, but not how he ended up in this mysterious realm, but the emergence of a benevolent guide cuts his recollection short. As he once introduced Hal Jordan to the Green Lantern Corps, Abin Sur will now guide the earthling through the Emerald Realm. With his help, along with whatever plan Ganthet, Sayd, and a formerly wayward friend come up, it may not be long before Hal Jordan is back and leading the charge to free the Green Lantern Corps and all the other prisoners of Brainiac’s menagerie.

With the return of multiple fan favorites, including the character that carried all Green Lantern series for so long, Robert Venditti proves that he is not done with using all the history of the Green Lantern to create stories that will please longtime fans and newcomers alike. His writing remains near perfect, as each character as allowed just enough dialogue to express their personality but not too much that they overshadow the book. The art and colors of Rafa Sandoval and Tomeu Morey continue to elevate this series above the many releases every week and establish it as one of the premier books on the market today.

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