Midnighter and Apollo #2

by John White on November 02, 2016

Written by: Steve Orlando
Art by: Fernando Blanco
Colored by: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
              Apollo is gone but certainly not forgotten as Midnighter rampages through secret bunkers and city streets in the hopes of reuniting with his fallen love. Following the stunning first issue that saw Apollo die and Midnighter trapped by his oldest foe, the trench coat wearing murder machine is forced to contemplate a world wear the man he loves is dead.  While this would be crushing for any normal person, since this is world of flying gods and teleportation, dead doesn’t necessarily mean dead. What Steve Orlando sets up in this issue is a retelling of the story of Orpheus, if the Greek musician played a lyre made of bone and Eurydice was arguably the most powerful being on the planet. So in short, just more kick ass.  
              The issue opens up almost immediately where the previous one left off, with Bendix mocking Midnighter as he explains the genius of his plan. He even goes so far as so imply that he’s knows Midnighter better than even himself and that is why there is nothing the human fight computer can do about it, and who knows, he may even have been right if not for the unfortunate introduction of a stapler to his throat. After the bloody office supply exchange, it becomes no holds barred tornado of destruction as Midnighter fighter his way to the surface and teleports to his lover’s side, only to realize he is too late to save him from the untimely demise.
             What follows next is an exploration in grief and longing that will most likely propel the events forward in the four remaining issues of this mini-series. Although many people have a hard time dealing with death and letting go of loved ones, Mdnighter takes a different approach and refuse to accept it is even a possibility. He keeps Apollo’s body warm on a solar bed, and travels to the far reaches of Peru in the search of someone who can locate the soul of his boyfriend. With Extrano’s help he is able to get the answers he seeks and decides to make so many of his enemies happy. He decides that he is going to go to Hell.
           Midnighter and Apollo #2 is a great read that reminds us why these two are perhaps the greatest couple in the DC universe.  Steve Orlando clearly knows the story he wants to tell, because all thought this is a mini-series none of it feels rushes, as so often can happen when a writer feels the need to cram so much story into so few issues. He manages to split time equitably between two main characters while also including enough plotting to carry the story forward and enough action to make the reader enjoy reading it. Francisco Blanco’s art is truly spectacular in this issue and his use of contrast between the foreground and background draws the audience’s eyes to exactly where they need to be to feel the full weight the scene. With the next issue taking us to the depths of hell, Midnighter and Apollo is sure to be thrill ride that you will not want to put down.

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