Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #6

by John White on October 11, 2016

Written by: Robert Venditti
Art by: Rafa Sandoval
Colored by: Tomeu Morey
           Hal Jordan takes on all of War World and Sinestro wears pants made of out stars, all the while Guy Gardner shows what he is made out of as he if finally introduced to the Fear Engine. Will the armada of Green Lanterns and second hand ships make it to War World in time to help Hal and rescue Guy, or is Sinestro’s power too much now that he has allied himself with the Sacrament?
           The issue opens with, for lack of a better term, the fleet of people who are not too pleased with Sinestro, making it’s way to Warworld. For the first time since their return to the main universe, the Green Lantern Corp knows where they are and what they need to do. After learning of the Sinestro Corps ascension to power throughout the universe, coupled with the fact that Guy Gardner is still missing, it does not take long for John Stewart and the rest of the Corps to make up their mind and join the fight against the yellow clad tyrant. Unbeknownst to them, Hal Jordan has started the fight early. Seemingly fully recovered from his last tussle with the lanterns of fear, he flies into Warworld in spectacular fashion as only Hal can. Taking on all who will challenge him with a series of constructs that reminds us that despite all he has been through and all he has seen, Hal Jordan is still just a hotshot pilot at heart. Whether or not his fancy flying will be enough to rescue Guy Gardner is in doubt, especially since he is unaware that another of Earth’s Green Lanterns is even on the planet, a fact that Lyssa is only too eager to share with Guy when his eyes show a flicker of hope. As Guy enters the Fear Engine, we have to wonder if Hal or the rest of the Green Lantern Corps will be able to save him from whatever horrors he is about to experience?
            Despite laying the action on thick and finally showing the Fear Engines true power, this issue is a bit of a step back from the previous issues. Although not necessarily boring or stale, it does read as though Robert Venditti knows where he wants to go and is afraid of getting there a little too early. Of course the epic light show as Hal single handedly dispatches with super powered Sinestro Corpsman is fun to read, it does seem a bit unnecessary and hard to believe, since it was only two issues ago he was thrashed by these very same Corpsman. Any one who has read any Green Lantern comic could see the showdown between Hal Jordan and Sinestro coming from a mile away so I am not sure we needed a whole issue that is essentially Sinestro putting on his clothes to go fight Hal Jordan. The newly revealed ability of Sinestro to use the Fear Engine to power his ring to the mathematically impossible %1000 is interesting, but hardly shocking since we have seen it power other rings past their built in thresholds multiple times so far. The bright spot in this issue is the art. Rafa Sandoval and Tomeu Morey work excellently together to draw and color a vibrant scene that encapsulates not only a wide spectrum of color, but also the characters emotions. It is one thing to know Hal Jordan is a cocky showoff, and another thing to see him demonstrate that at the head of fleet of will powered Jets he is using to fight an entire army of corrupt space cops. Overall this issue is a step down from the previous two, but the fact that we are so close to the final confrontation between Hal and the Green Lantern Corp and Sinestro and his fear lanterns makes it all the worthwhile.

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