Midnighter and Apollo #1

by John White on October 05, 2016

Written by: Steve Orlando
Art by: Fernando Blanco
Colored by: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
            Midnighter and Apollo are back together, which couldn’t come a moment too soon because there are giant train monsters and poorly dressed pirates to fight. This week saw the start of the Midnighter and Apollo miniseries, penned by Steve Orlando. Building on the story he created in the Midnighter solo series, Orlando brings the same action packed, tongue in cheek, character driven writing style that made his previous series such a hit amongst fans. While that book focused solely on Midnighter, with other characters playing only a supporting role, this new series promises to give equal focus to both members of the “world’s finest couple”. Even as these two feel stronger together than they ever have before, an enemy from their past threatens to tear them, and everything they hold dear, apart.
           The opening issue in this miniseries pulls no punches, literally, with one of the first panels being Midnighter’s fist colliding with the jaw of a fur clad train pirate.  When the villainous Captain Hal-Beard abducts children from all over the city to power his God-Train, our trench coat-wearing hero does what he does best and uses violence to solve the problem, and it is awesome. Making his way from train car to train car, dispatching the third rail worshiping pirates with ease, Midnighter comes face to face with the half-bearded leader of these lunatics. Captain Half-Beard thinks he has the upper hand when he unleashes his god, a behemoth made of conjoined train cars and rail only for it to quickly be defeated by Apollo, in what has to be the coolest full page spread of the entire issue.  After their tandem heroics and snappy dialogue, Midnighter and Apollo retire to the former’s apartment for a dinner party with friends and some much needed R&R.  Just as the two think they could not be any happier, an enemy from the past begins to hatch a plan to destroy them both. Working in the shadows, Dr. Bendix hatches a plan to entrap and destroy the two heroes that he helped create. Whether or not his plan will succeed remains to be seen, but the cliffhanger ending of this issue proves that nothing is off limits and not even the heroes can consider themselves safe.
         Midnighter and Apollo #1 allows Steve Orlando to continue the great work he began in the solo series. While this is above all an action series, with two of the heaviest hitters in the DC universe as main characters, the action would have no meaning if the characters were not developed enough for the audience to care for them. If the first issue is anything to go off of, this series will focus as much on the personal relationship between the two title characters, as it will with their conflicts with their enemies. Steve Orlando looks to highlight one of the most equal in committed romances in all of comics.  The fact that they can take down just about any one who would dare get in their way, hero or villain, is just icing on the cake.

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