Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #5

by John White on September 28, 2016

Written by: Robert Venditti
Art by: Ethan Van Sciver
Colored by: Jason Wright
           Sinestro’s Law Part 5 is the penultimate issue of Robert Venditti’s first arc at the helm of this Green Lantern title, and it is palpable how close things are to coming to a head. Hal Jordan recuperates with the aid of an old friend, Guy Gardner suffers at the hands of the malicious Sacrament, and Jon Stewart leads the rest of the Corps on an single minded mission to find their missing friend and reestablish their place in the universe. Although not as action packed as some of the prior issues, this book does more to advance the story and set the tone for the long awaited reunion of Hal Jordan and the rest of the Corps than all the previous ones combined. For the first time since they split up, the three earth Lanterns are finally on paths that will undoubtedly converge in a spectacular light show, hopefully with Sinestro and his cronies on the business end of some will powered constructs.
          Continuing with the trisected story telling that started last issue, the issue opens up with Guy Gardner at the mercy of the sinister Sacrament. As they continue his “baptism in fear” Gardner remains defiant, but even the most hardheaded of all the Green Lanterns cannot withstand such tortures forever. If his fellow Lanterns doesn’t get to him quickly it may too late. Speaking of his fellow Lanterns, as Hal Jordan heals with the aid of Soranik he reveals the true cost of using forbidden Oan technology and forging his own ring, and it is one that may shatter the foundations of the whole series. To complete the triad of misfortune, Jon Stewart finds himself in hot water as the entire Corps come face to face with an armada geared up for a fight. Whether or not all these Lanterns with survive the upcoming conflict remains to be seen, but what is certain is that Robert Venditti has crafted an exciting story that has proven to be the perfect introduction to this post-rebirth series.
         Earth’s Green Lanterns may be divided for the moment, but that is quickly coming to an end. Robert Venditti and artist Ethan Van Sciver deliver another tremendous issue in what has proven to be a thoroughly entertaining first story arc in this much-anticipated series.  With only one issue to go in the Sinestro’s Law story arc, you are sure to want to pick this issue up sooner rather than later so a not to miss out on what will be a spectacular conclusion.

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