Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #3

by John White on August 24, 2016

Written by: Robert Venditti
Art by: Rafa Sandoval
Colored by: Tomeu Morey
         As the Green Lantern Corps try to figure out their place in the universe and Sinestro’s over the universe grows stronger with the help of new allies, Hal Jordan continues his one-man war for freedom and peace. Part three of the Sinestro’s Law story arc is non-stop action that will leave any fan of high intensity and brightly colored battles at the end of his or her seat.  This issue is Green Lantern story telling at it highest form, and proof that Robert Venditti is the writer needed to ensure a strong post-rebirth storyline. By combining the traditional good vs. bad with a new twist of a mysterious religious cult Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps continues to be one of the most exciting series currently put out by DC.
          This issue begins with the still misplaced Corps, with Jon Stewart having sent Guy Gardner off into the great unknown in order to search with anything that could possible help them identify their location in the universe. Unfortunately, aside from a panel showing Gardner in a bare-knuckle boxing match, hardly anytime is spent on this storyline. Instead most of the issue is spent with Hal Jordan getting beaten down by wave after wave of the Sinestro Corps, which of course is understandable. It is portrayed in some of the most visually stunning panels in the series to date that even the biggest Guy Gardner fan can understand why it is the focus of the issue and it is also used to reveal the reason behind the Sinestro Corps sudden reign of terror. Why would they go through all the trouble of gaining the universe’s trust as the defenders of law and order only to throw all away for a grand kidnapping scheme? The answer is the yet unseen, but extremely menacing sounding, Fear Engine. This seems to be central to Sinestro’s plan for domination and the reason for the newly mentioned alliance with the religious cult, The Sacrament. It only takes one reaction frame of Soranik to tell us this is not a group to be mixed up with. The end of the issue proves one thing that any reader new going into this series, but is still welcome all the same; Hal Jordan needs the rest of the Corps.
         It’s hard to find a vault with an issue that is all action from the first panel. The story is advanced by a great degree and we finally are let in on some of Sinestro’s background machinations that assisted in his ascension to power. Although it would have been nice to spend more time exploring the situation of the rest of the Corps, I am sure this will addressed in forthcoming issues in a monumental fashion. Vendtti’s writing and Sandoval’s art make this both an entertaining read and a stunning piece or literary art, and something that any fan would be happy to have on their pull list.

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