Justice League Rebirth #1

by John White on July 06, 2016

Written by: Bryan Hitch
Art by: Bryan Hitch
Ink by: Scott Hanna and Daniel Henriques

             Superman is dead. The world needs Superman. That, like in any other Superman related comics post Superman #52, might as well be the tagline of Justice League Rebirth #1. Even though their Superman has perished, it is business as usual for the Justice League as an alien menace known as a Reaper rains havoc over New York armed only with flying harvesters that resemble trilobites. Bouncing between the action in the city and the picturesque life of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and little Jon, Bryan Hitch makes it pretty clear that before this issue is over this Clark Kent will don the blue and red and fly in to save the day.
            The story in this issue is one that will is familiar to any longtime reader of the Justice League. An unidentified creature makes short work of a city and treats the Leagues attacks as if they are nothing more than light drizzle, only to be soundly defeated in the end by the power of teamwork. The danger isn’t mortal in this issue and is used only as a tool to mover the story along, after all, the issue starts out by asking the question “why here” and “why now” do aliens keep introducing themselves in the most less than friendly ways and “What makes this world so special” only to be presented with a full page splash of the League in all their glory. Was there really every a chance this wasn’t going to end in a victory? Although the action in this issue seems a bit rehashed at time, what Bryan Hitch does so well is put the personality of each member on display in a way that makes me sure he will fully explore these characters in the forthcoming issues. Yes, Batman is still brooding and untrusting, but the playful way he writes the Flash and the Green Lanterns with Jessica Cruz always eager to impress and Simon Baz bummed out that no one seems to even notice he is there, tells me that there will be a levity to his take on the League. If the first few issues post-Rebirth have made one this clear it is that DC is trying to move away from the dark and brooding stories that have dominated comics for so long and I believe Bryan Hitch will do an excellent job at making sure that carries into the Justice League series.
            As Mr. Hitch does double duty of both writing and drawing this issue, I am willing to give him a pass on some trite storytelling because the half and full page spreads he created are truly breathtaking. This will not go down in history as one of the greatest Justice League stories every but I am certain that it does accomplish its goal of setting up the post-rebirth landscape for the Justice League and giving the audience just enough to entice them to pick up the next issue. I look forward to seeing where this Justice League and their old/new Superman go, which is really what you want in a #1. 

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