Wonder Woman #751 Review

by Jay Hill on February 12, 2020

Written by: Steve Orlando
Art by: Jan Duursema
Colors by: Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
Lettered by: Pat Brosseau
Published by: DC Comics

Wonder Woman #750 celebrated the milestone for the character and introduced the next chapters of her journey. In this issue, that journey gets underway.

The cliffhanger from Wonder Woman #750 is concluded and the person behind the gun is revealed to be Nora Nunes, Diana’s neighbor. She is not just a neighbor, she's with the Boston police who assigned her to watch over the Amazonian Princess. Detective Nunes confronts Wonder Woman over the many criminal acts that have followed the hero as she tried to take down Cheetah. She is convinced that Diana’s reckless actions are doing more harm than good, and Diana becomes dedicated to proving that just isn’t so.

This clash between their point of view is the focal point of this issue. Nunes is introduced as a more authoritarian, and controlled form of justice. This plays off of and clashes with Diana’s self-defined and resolute way of bringing about peace and justice. This is an idea familiar to comics, but, like all ideas, is one ready to be told in a new way. This idea also sufficiently creates the new dynamic for the start of Diana’s next chapter of adventures because by the end of this issue Nora is ready to join Wonder Woman and see how their ideals can coexist. At first, Nora seemed a little annoying. Readers are well aware of how this fight usually ends. The person trying to control the hero for the greater good, ends up costing more lives than they save. But, showing Nora’s metamorphosis into a place of understanding, but not of total acceptance, made her easier to connect to. In the big picture, both Nora and Diana have valid reasons to think the way they do and showing that they can coexist was the right move. Now the story is opened up for both of those views to be tested.

Along with setting up the new dynamic for the story, elements of the future were seeded. The biggest one being the three villains who cause the main problem in the issue (and who grace the cover). They don’t choose to make their grand move but instead herald the coming of perhaps an even greater threat. In what amounts to an epilogue, a few more elements are set up. There is a pact made between villains with a common enemy: Wonder Woman. Diana tries to reach an old friend (or sister, as Diana calls her). And, the ending cliffhanger introduces yet another character and teases what the next story will be and it seems like an interesting one.

Jan Duursema provides the art for this issue and delivers some solid work. The bodies of her characters are a highlight of the issue, especially with Diana’s armor which she never seems to cut a corner or angle on. She also draws “everyday objects” really well (is that a weird compliment). There are some nice-looking surroundings and backgrounds. And, all the scenes with Diana in, around, or over water were great. But, at times I found the way Diana’s face was illustrated to be off. However, the coloring of her steely blue eyes was perfect. In fact, the coloring of everything in this issue was near perfect. Romulo Fajardo Jr. impressed me in Wonder Woman #750, in which he colored 3 separate stories, but here he really shined. Or maybe I should say gleamed because he has a technique he uses that can cause certain material to seem like they are gleaming. He had this entire issue looking crisp. It’s not just materials, the skin of characters is blended, brushed, and shaded very well. Throughout the issue, the one thing that stood out to me repeatedly was the colors and how it felt like an extra coat of polish was put on the book. There was also some very solid lettering throughout that added to the read.

So far it seems the series will be putting more focus on ideas, specifically what Diana stands for and how she acts on that. It has set up a nice system to discuss those ideas in the future. Diana is just as inspirational as ever and the way she behaves in this issue proves it. The multitude of glimpses of future elements have thoroughly piqued my interest, and have created a great sense of anticipation.

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