SFSX (Safe Sex) #6 Review

by Jay Hill on February 12, 2020

Written by: Tina Horn
Art and colors by: Jen Hickman
Lettered by: Steve Wands
Published by: Image Comics

"We are the dead..." – Winston Smith (Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four)

The plan has fully broken down and the Dirty Mind crew are separated and each on the wrong end of a gun. Action overpowers this issue with the collapsing rescue/escape plan being the main parts of this issue. Some glimpses of character are seen, but, for the most part, this issue deals with the drama and suspense of the plan going haywire. While it was interesting seeing the fallout of this breakout attempt, I felt like there still wasn’t much pay off to multiple elements presented earlier which left this feeling like a stop on the way to the climax, but not quite the big finish. Maybe there could have been more done, or maybe that is being saved for other issues but the events that went down moved this escape forward but didn’t leave it in any definitive spot.

Jones and Sylvia’s reunion was a punch in the gut, but an expected one. Now that it seems Jones is truly lost, the future for both (if the crew survive this) is interesting. Dr. Powell had an interesting moment, particularly his reaction to a scene/speech. I hope that his and Denis’ story plays out more in the future. The end is where the biggest moment happens, but I can’t help but feel that not only was it telegraphed, but its effects aren’t particularly huge. It’s not just me who feels that way since a voiceover expresses how apparently useless the act is. While I feel like this issue didn’t do much special, the more important part is it didn’t do anything wrong. It just felt like another solid issue that didn’t add too much new but left it in a place for the next issue to pick up the ball and dunk it. The enemy has continued to feel all-powerful, and even though paths of possible survival have been opened, it will still be something to see if the crew actually makes it out, and if they do the impact it could have on the future of their world is pretty big.  

Jen Hickman continues to excel at illustrating and providing the colors for this comic. The use of those blended colors that I’ve admired previously was a big factor in this issue. Particularly, in the scenes involving smoke. The streakiness of their lines gives a nice grungey feel to the style and carries over nicely with the noir style felt in earlier issues. There weren’t many opportunities for humor or levity in this issue, but at certain moments the action involved a sense of movement that highlighted Hickman’s strength in achieving that. But, as I said, the biggest thing added to the feel of this issue was the use of colors to invoke mood and aura. Like the instrumental of a song, the colors of this book kept a specific vibe running through it.

SFSX #6 continues the dirty dystopia's struggle for freedom. The Dirty Mind team's plan isn't going as planned but it was obvious the Party wasn't going down without a fight. The big reveals of this issue were slightly expected, but the conclusion doesn't close the door on there being more surprises to come.

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