Money Shot #4 Review

by Jay Hill on February 04, 2020

Written by: Tim Seeley & Sarah Beattie
Art by: Rebekah Isaacs
Colors by: Kurt Michael Russell
Lettered by: Crank!
Published by: Vault Comics

They have seen the power of the Podna Megra (super orgasm energy bomb) firsthand, now the team of the Money Shot is learning the hard way that with sexy power must also come sexy responsibility.

The Earth set opening was a nice change of pace. It gave a look at the perverted masses who subscribe to Money Shot and the humor, like always, was on point. The climax of the last issue continued to deal with the problems surrounding the alien planet the crew is stuck on. And, this issue adds more to the struggle the society faces. The planet, and the crew, are under the control of the evil Warlord Priest Daughir who has straight-up “slave Leia’d” Chris, Omar, and Little Shot. The Warlord Priest became an even more sinister villain after wiping out the rebel forces. The way this issue transpired highlighted and played up all the best elements of the series; it paced its comedy, action, and suspense perfectly. These elements working in tandem not only creates a great read but creates a read that’s great in many different ways. I was laughing at jokes as much as I was thrilled by the action and on the edge of my seat hoping the team would make it out alive. There was even time taken to deal with the personal relationship between Chris and Omar. This issue felt like it attempted and achieved the most of any single issue in the series. And, while doing plenty, it ended up being one of the strongest issues yet. After scoring some of the high marks for the series the story ends on a bit of a down note for the crew but an impassioned speech from one of the team brings spirits back up and establishes that the Money Shot crew aren’t just going to bang their way through the galaxy, they’re going to do their best to make it a better place (with banging).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue to say it, the illustration of facial expressions in this series is second to none. This continues to feel like a comic you could read without the dialogue bubbles and still get the story. In this issue, the great expressions are even seen in the most alien of faces. The addition of more aliens and more scenes on the alien planet also made this one of the most visually unique issues in the series. The issues have been using flashbacks to show the team on Earth, but besides the quick opening scene, this issue is entirely on the alien planet giving this an exotic feeling throughout. The colors of the planet are well defined and create an alien mood. The planet, being one in constant drought, is colored with a golden, rustic palette while also being vibrant when used on the alien lifeforms or the Podna Megra power effects. This issue also features great action scenes. One of my favorite shots is of the Money Shot team, weapons in hand, being thrust into the gladiatorial arena. The fight that follows has some great shots, especially of the Bokai Elder’s balls of steel. This issue was altogether a visual “feast for the eyes”. Just like the story had elements of a little of everything, the visuals touched on everything the series has had to offer and did some of the best work.

Money Shot continues to be an absolutely hilarious, refreshingly creative, and all-around engrossing comic. This first arc has been right on track since issue #1, and this installment doesn’t disappoint. This issue is filled with every theme and element that has made this such a fun book and delivers some stand out moments. This series seems pretty far from having blown its load and the end to this issue shows that the real money shot has yet to come.

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