Money Shot #2 Review

by Jay Hill on November 20, 2019

Written by: Tim Seeley & Sarah Beattie
Art by: Rebekah Isaacs
Colors by: Kurt Michael Russell
Lettered by: Crank!
Published by: Vault Comics

Following an amazing start and a messy finish, the crew of the Money Shot is back. This time, in chains and handcuffs. However, it's not for one of their frisky scenes, it's because the aliens they found on this planet do not come in peace (well one did, but…). If they can make it out alive, they can continue their search for the Bokai Elder who holds the secret technique of an orgasm capable of supplying enough energy to help power the Money Shot.  

In the opening scene, the Money Shot crew are f-ed, and not in the way they signed up for. The tenacious Dr. Christine Ocampo has led her group into the grasps of a hostile alien race. It appears the native race wants to submit the crew to a gladiator type challenge for the glory of their "Warlord Priest". But, before we can see Omar and Chris get embraced to death by the misleadingly named All-Loving Embracer, we are shown a flashback. I immediately felt this was unnecessary, but as the scene progressed, I was won over. It not only showed Chris' dedication but also gave more insight into how the group coped with removing the boundaries and inhibitions in their relationships to become pornographic performers. And, the X-rated "Mystery Science Theater" scene was hilarious and informative. The present-day scenes felt like a raunchy episode of Star Trek (I'll suggest the comic be renamed Pornstar Trek). And, like an episode of that show, it showed that the brutish aliens weren't just one-dimensional villains but had a deeper reason for having come to this point in their existence. Although they are still in danger, it turns out the enemy has a deeper purpose behind their motives. The collaboration of Sarah Beattie & Tim Seeley can be felt. This issue had hilarious, spot-on humor but also a focus on telling a thoughtful story. 

While Chris and Omar discover the true nature of the enemy, the rest of the crew find that the fabled Bokai Elder seems to have his own obstacles that needs to be faced. The end returns to the flashback and shows more of how deep the comic actually is. Chris' ambition to make her plan work no matter the cost is shown once again in an emotionally complex scene. Dr. Ocampo is easily the most interesting character, her tenacity not only keeps the team together but, on a bigger level, it keeps the story together. Money Shot's almost preposterous plot is made entirely believable because of how palpable her motivations and aspirations are. 

Rebekah Isaacs continues to provide fun and freshly modern feeling art. Her focus on expressing every character's emotions is seen in all panels. You can see in everyone's body language and facial expressions not only how they feel, but parts of their personality. She even lends that detail to Little Shot to give it adorable expressions; my favorite is the suspecting squinted eyes he has on the first page. And I love page 3's shot of Chris and Omar that looks like something out of a Barbarella or Wally Wood comic. The colors of Kurt Michael Russell gets to be shown off in the juxtaposition provided by the flashback scenes in the sterile laboratory setting, against the colorful alien world. When the Warlord Priest is revealed, the shimmering effect done with the coloring is great. Especially how Chris' orange jumpsuit looks in the sparkling room.

Money Shot has proved its seemingly wacky premise is backed up by a team that knows what they're doing. Just like their main character, Dr. Ocampo, they are dedicated to bringing a fresh and unique voice to their medium. The jokes are hitting, and the story is brilliant. It's starting to show how deep it is and since it has only just begun, I can only see it getting deeper (there's a sex joke here somewhere).

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