Pretty Violent #3 Review

by Jay Hill on October 22, 2019

Written by: Derek Hunter & Jason Young
Art by: Derek Hunter
Colors by: Spencer Holt
Published by: Image Comics

After an amazing second issue, Pretty Violent returns with another bloody installment in Gamma Rae’s quest to become a superhero. In this issue, she learns why sometimes it’s best not to meet your heroes. Her first team-up goes awry, and it seems she’ll end up in hot water with the Saviors and their leader Maximum Prophet. In the meantime, she continues her attempt to endear herself to the public but, as is the trend, she puts herself in a worse position than she started. When she gets her second shot with her favorite Savior, Misty Meadows, all seems to be fitting into place, but that’s where Gamma’s luck runs out.

This was a great continuation of the pace set by the last issue. Although the debut issue felt a bit clunky with the tone it was attempting, issue #2 was legitimately great. Derek Hunter’s art with Spencer Holt’s colors has been crisp in every issue, but the second issue is when Hunter and his co-writer Jason Young got the story to its peak. Their dark humor that emphasizes the humor and delivers the dark with bright colors has found its stride. The crazy world they’ve built now makes scenes of Gamma brutalizing villain and hero alike feel natural.

The dynamic between Gamma and her family of villains is believable. They’ve added on to the twisted wholesomeness from the second issue and brought it around in this one perfectly. The heroes in this issue are seen being as bad as some of the villains but in this world that seems normal. Gamma’s character is unique and hard to pin down but, since the start, she’s been likable even given her actions. She’s the definition of someone who doesn’t know their own strength. But she shows an admirable determination and has lots of room for growth. 

The action scenes continue to be gorgeously gruesome and seemed more fluid in this story. The funny sound effects and “x”s drawn on the eyes of dead characters are symbolic of the balance this series achieves. It has insanely violent scenes but keeps a cartoony lightness. That lightness then carries over in the writing that is filled with great humor but also scathing remarks. And, the ongoing story of Gamma’s heroic journey can, and seems very likely to, go anywhere.

The amount of growth shown in these three issues has been incredible. What was already a unique story has quickly turned into a real treat. If they’re able to keep up this pace it’s sure to be a fun (and pretty violent) ride.

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