X-O Manowar #49

by Jason Laframboise on September 09, 2016

X-O Manowar #49

Written by: Robert Venditti

Art by: Joe Bennett

Published by Valiant Comics

This is the third issue in the Long Live the King story and is the second to last issue of this current X-O Manowar series. In this issue X-O Manowar fights the cosmic beings known as the Torment, as they stomp their way to New York City. The Torment absorb life forms as they go, including several of X-O's people and a good number of the Vine alien warriors that attempted to stop them. The issue opens with Commander Trill the leader of the Vine resistance and one of the main villains of the series since issue one, coming together with Aric, X-O Manowar to finally make peace and face the Torment together as allies, although perhaps only temporary ones. A good guy turn by Trill has been hinted at several times including the Fall of X-O Manowar one shot last year, so it's interesting to see if this is the direction we are going with this character. That really has been the key with this book as a whole. Robert Venditti has created a universe with multiple characters that are compelling enough that you want to know what is going to happened to them as much as you do the main title character.


So with this issue its really starting to sink in that the book is ending and we won't see this character for a bit. It's really bitter sweet as it's been a hell of a good journey that writer Robert Venditti has been taking us on. There are things paying off stuff that happened in issue one is being called back too. It's a signature of Venditti's writing planting little seeds that will come back in a big way later on. The feel of the book since the beginning has been one of an E.E. Smith style epic space opera, that has been a refreshing take on a decades old character.

The art once again is good. The Torment have a great design. I just love the look of them. The last couple pages were the best of the book. I can't say what they are, as that would spoil the ending, but believe me they are great. Good job by Joe Bennett

We are all set up for an epic last issue. Every thing will be wrapped up in a month, and the longest running new Valiant series will come to an end. What's next for the characters? Will we find out? Every thing will hopefully be answered. Either way this book has been great and is a must read.

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