Faith #2

by Jason Laframboise on August 25, 2016




Faith #2

Written by: Jody Houser

Art by: Pere Perez and Marguerite Sauvage

Published by Valiant Comics


Faith has a arch enemy, at least that's what Chris Criswell seems to think he is. In the last issue Criswell who is Faith's favourite actor invited her into a trap in the guise of a photo shoot. Criswell is a sort of Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans type making super hero movies and being loved by teenage girls, but deep down he really wants to be a villain, with his childhood heroes being guys named Lex, Victor and Wilson....whoever they are. Moving to Hollywood to become a movie villain, but due to his all American good looks he is forced to be the heroes he hates. So in real life he starts a criminal organization and that's how we got here.

Faith has been such an enjoyable read. Likeable characters, both villains and the supporting cast, it's great that Houser hasn't surrounded Faith with other super powered beings, but with normal people. There's so much darkness in comics today, it's refreshing to have a pleasant main character, who faces her problems with a positive attitude. I like that we got the full battle here and not something that gets dragged out over several issues, and we do get enough of a thread to keep us coming back for the next issue. All of the ingredients are here for a really great series. Even in the more serious moments Houser stays true to Faith's character, when she is in the most deadly situation she is able to keep her wits about her and power her way out. It is curious that Faith's Psiot powers seem to be increasing and changing to be beyond just the ability to fly.

I really like the colouring in this book, it is unique from the rest of the Valiant line. It makes the art stand out as it should with a book that really stands out. It's just a nice book to look at with its fun light art matching the story's tone. We sadly don't get any of the extended dream sequences this issue, but I imagine we will get more in the future.

Overall it was a pretty good second issue. I really like where this series is heading. Faith is in very capable hands with Jody House and I look forward to reading the next issue. I'm excited that we are getting so many series with the Harbinger characters, with Faith, Generation Zero and in November a new Harbinger series which I do believe that Faith will be a part of. I would recommend adding this one to your buy pile.

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