Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #10

by Jason Laframboise on August 17, 2016

Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #10

Written by: Robert Venditti
Art by: Raul Allen, Patricia Martin
Published by Valiant Comics

This issue is the finale of the Labyrinth, part four is entitled Clash of the Eternities. The Eternal Warrior Gilad, finally comes face to face with his enemy. Not a lot happens that I can reveal here. The Eternal Warrior finally finds out the nature of his enemy, who's objective we learn in this issue all along is to find out how Gilad is able to be reborn in his same body and not into a new one like the Eternal Enemy's. So for centuries the enemy has chased after the secret, going to extreme lengths such as... well read the story and find that one out.

We get a finality to this story but also little threads leading into the next story. The issue wasn't quite as violent because Gilad has already killed just about everyone. There is still some EC style gore, with severed heads galore! We don't get all the answers about the enemy, such as how does he/she transfer from body to body, but  we do get his motivation which is good. It's hard to explain to much of this issue without giving away the ending, but there is a lot of good in this story. While I do feel that the story has moved along story slowly, it was a good complete story and was an enjoyable read.
The art has been phenomenal in this story arc. The bloody backgrounds in some of the panels show the toll of fighting the Eternal Warrior. Every thing from the colours to the page layouts were excellent. The art was a big highlight for me. The covers were also awesome.
All in all, we got a good final issue to a good story. I love the direction Venditti is taking the series. After a couple false starts with the character it finally feels like the Eternal Warrior is finally carving out his place solo in the Valiant Universe. With that being said, I wouldn't suggest buying or reading this one in single issues, wait for the trade to come out and get the full complete story as it is worth the read.

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