Rai #15

by Jason Laframboise on July 25, 2016

Rai #15

Written by: Matt Kindt

Art by: Cafu

Colours by: Andrew Dalhouse

Published by Valiant Comics

Judging by my computer issues this week I guess Father is unhappy with me

writing this review, but I'm a rebel so here we go. So last we saw our hero Sai

she was going about her duties as Father's emissary to New Japan using her compassion and diplomatic skills to end conflicts. Well that was what was working, but now Father has unleashed his angry violent older Rai: Aboto, who instead of trying to find a peaceful solution to problems instead will mow down any rebellious factions within New Japan. In this issue we continue after the cliff-hanger in the last issue. We learn a bit about Aboto's origins and his personality. Aboto seems to have been born without compassion which is unfortunate for the Anti-Father side of New Japan, as Aboto quickly dispatches of them. Father eventually casts Aboto down to Earth, and this story picks up with his return then ventures into his relationship with Sai and what happens next is Hulk level.

It was a good issue, as with all the 4001 AD issues so far. Rai has been one of my top five books since Valiant came back even with the breaks every 4 issues or so. The art is amazing as always. Cafu does a great job. The action scenes are depicted well and everything else looks equally well done. I love the design of Aboto and hope that we get more of this angry Rai, and the ending does seem to allow for this. Also worth noting for me was the B cover for this issue which is what I ended up with from my local comic shop. The cover from Cafu is great! I might buy another copy of it just to frame.

Next issue seems like it will give us the origin of the current Rai, but I'm just guessing based on the cover preview. So basically there is one more issue till we go on another break sadly. I've loved 4001 AD so far, loved all the new concepts. There has been a lot of universe building for future 4001 timeline stories, a lot of really exciting stuff for future writers to mine! It will be sad when the summer is over. Buy this one for the art alone.

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