Faith #1

by Jason Laframboise on July 21, 2016

Faith #1


Written by: Jody Houser


Published by Valiant Comics

Faith the mini series was a great thing for Valiant. It got the company great buzz and one of the best selling books for Valiant Entertainment. With this in mind it makes total sense for them to launch a Faith ongoing series. So with this first issue we get a quick recap of Faith's origin, a recap of the mini series , then we get to where Faith is now and get to meet her new arch enemy! A lot cramped into this first issue. It was an enjoyable read, as was the mini series. Faith goes about her life in her secret identity during the day, then fighting crime at night. Jody Houser has set up a good supporting cast for Faith, perhaps the largest bit players in all of the Valiant universe, as Faith has actual friends and people around her. This is pretty unique in the Valiant Universe where everyone else seems to only be friends with other Valiant heroes, or if they have "friends" they never seem to interact. So this is refreshing. Faith is also really the only true super hero in the Valiant universe, other then maybe Quantum and Woody.

Jody Houser breathes life into this character better then anyone else that has written her. She has made a likeable relatable, strong female character. This first issue was a good follow up to the mini series and is a great launching point for new fans. I love the fantasy sequences, Faith's day dreams are funny. There's a lot of good stuff in this one. Faith is a real person with real fears and hopes, it's just a refreshing change of pace from the rest of Valiant universe.

The art was good, but I'm not sure what to make of the colours. They look very pale, to the point where some of the images are almost transparent. It's not a problem just looks a little odd to me. The fantasy sequence redesign of Faith's costume is a funny parody of the portrayal of modern female superheroes.

Overall an enjoyable issue. It's light and fun in contrast to most of the other books in the line. It's a good book and I hope that it keeps up the momentum from the mini series and gives Valiant a big win sales wise. Good issue looking forward to reading more.

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