Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #8

by Jason Laframboise on June 15, 2016

Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #8

Written by: Robert Venditti
Art by: Raul Allen and Patricia Martin
published by Valiant Comics

This month's issue is part two of the Labyrinth story. Last month Gilad, the Eternal Warrior, woke up in a strange labratory where a mysterious person and his team are studying Gilad. This month we find out that the enememy wants to learn the secrets of Gilads immortaility. To do this he arranges for Gilad to fight his way through his Labyrinth, which lets us watch our hero get killed and reborn several times over a  40 plus day period.
I enjoyed this issue a lot. I liked the inventive ways we watched our hero died in the Labyrinth. I liked this take on the Eternal Warrior the best, the man who won't quit, no matter what. Also good is the way Venditti is putting in little details like what exactly is going on with Gilad's original son Kalam. It will be interesting to see where we go with that thread. I feel like this issue moved along nicely, it was well paced. I hate when the story drags on with nothing happening. While we, nor the Eternal Warrior, get answers yet as to the idenity of the enemy he is facing (although old school Valiant fans already have it figured out), we can see that it's coming. My only complaint about the issue is what exactly happened that leads to the end of the issue. Magic is involved I assume, but I don't really get how it was used. It will probably be explained next issue, but for now I am a little confused.

I liked the art as a whole. The panels are clear and well drawn. Honestly the story could be read completely without any dialogue and we would know what's going on. The colours are used brilliantly in this issue. The panels in which Gilad dies are black, almost like a negative image, I love it! Also to show that we have moved from the land of the living to the Eternal Warrior's after life they hue of the pages go from kind of a blueish tinge to a magenta. If I have my colours mixed up forgive me I am not an artist. I do know that I like what I see in this book.

The combination of excellent art, great writing and the one thing I want out of the Eternal Warrior, action, made this a great issue. The little things that Venditti has put in this one have me excited for the future of this book, which has already lasted more issues then the previous Eternal Warrior comic. Good stuff this month.

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