X-O Manowar #46

by Jason Laframboise on April 20, 2016

X-O Manowar #46

Writer: Robert Venditti

Artist: Robert Gill

Colours: Ulises Arreola


This issue is the finale of the Kill List story arc, which has followed Aric(X-O Manowar for those who don't know) and Ninjak as they clear out Earth's infestation of the Vine plantlings. While on travelling on the Ninjet, Aric and Ninjak are told of the attacks on Aric's village, so he rushes back to try to save the peace. We get the confrontation between Aric and Vine Commander Trill, who has been in sighting violence between the remaining Vine people, their plantlings and the humans they had been co existing with. It's been 46 issues and all the plot lines have been leading to this next arc. Venditti has built a great world inside the Valiant universe. The story arc has wrapped up without a real conclusion but is leading directly into the next and final story.


Aric's continual growth is a highlight. He has gone from a barbarian prince to a regal king of his people. In early issues Aric was a much more brash angry character, but now he's a more mature character. He attempts diplomacy, and when that fails, well he isn't above cutting his enemies down with a lightning sword. Happily we do get to see this in this issue as Aric unleashes his fury on several Vine soliders. Ninjak's appearance was brief here, less of him then in the previous issues. Ninjak is becoming like Valliant's version of Batman and not just because of the obvious comparisons, Ninjet!, but also because of his various cameos in other books. He was in at least 3 books this month. The Armorines also reappeared in this story protecting the injured Vine priest. I've enjoyed their appearances so far and I hope the characters are given a chance to be fleshed out more at some point down the road. The ending gave us a good surprising turn.

The art was enjoyable, as it has been since the book started. The panels showing an angry worried Aric flying home were particularly well done. You can see the anguish in Aric's face as he tries to talk Trill into standing down and making peace. The colours used in this book have been consistent the who way through, making a nice uniform presentation even when the artists have changed.


X-O Manowar will be ending with issue 50 so next issue will start this runs last story arc. I can't wait to read the exciting conclusion. If Venditti was to never have written another book with Valiant he would have left a huge mark on the Valiant Universe, a lot of really cool concepts have come from this title. This issue was a good quick action packed read. I recommend.

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