Centipede #3

by Jason Laframboise on October 04, 2017

Written by: Max Bemis
Art by: Eoin Marron
Colours by: Chris O'Halloran
Published by: Dynamite Entertainment

So I read the first two issues of this series, but had to re read the first two issues to refresh my memory. Here is my opening complaint about the issue. Nothing indicating what happened in the previous issue. That really sucks and kind of assumes that every reader is buying every issue of your series. Now onto the actual issue. We catch up where we left off with our hero Dale stuck in a jeep with surrounded by the title monsters spider minions. Luckily Dale is trapped with a while arsenal of weapons and is able to fight his way out.  We get to know more about Dale via flashbacks, he had a rough relationship with his father but a great one with his mother. We are shown Dale coming out to his mother who is very accepting of it. He never is able to tell his best friend that he's in love with him, who was probably killed with the rest of humanity by the Centipede. 

On the plus side the series is trending upwards. The story is quick paced, which helps since we have a solitary character in the main story. Dale is an average character that would be more suitable being the sidekick character in most stories but he is on the main stage here. The writing was fine, there's just something still missing and I can't quite say what it is.
I like the art a lot. The design of the Centipede is cool. The book is really action heavy for most of it, so the art had to really come through with a strong showing, which in my opinion it does. I love the use of colours here as well. I have to mention the covers! I love them, every issue of this series so far has had really awesome covers! Cover A by Francesco Francavilla is really well done.

While I liked the way that the Centipede game was adapted into a comic book, I wasn't overly excited by the execution of those ideas. I've found the writing to be kind of bland. The opening issue didn't grab me and I lost interest completely. While the second issue was better I still wasn't sold on it. That might just be an issue I have with this company as a whole. While the properties that Dynamite have acquired are really exciting and everything is something I would want to read the excitement dies on the vine when I try to pick up the issues. I will say that at least with this series it is fun to read, while  it's not going to be a legendary series that you re read over and over again, you won't regret picking it up. Maybe wait for the trade. Overall I love art, though the story isn't quite as mouthwatering it was a solid average book.

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