Harbinger Renegades #7

by Jason Laframboise on September 12, 2017

Published by Valiant Comics
We finally get back to the Renegades in this issue as the team find themselves on the run from the H.A.R.D Corps and their new government bosses Omen. Shades of the X-Men public opinion is squarely against the psiots. 

So this issue was a bit of an improvement over the last few issues. I suppose having the title characters actually be in the books probably helps a lot. The past couple of issues really made me lose faith in the book. This issue was better, but I'm still not on board yet. I hate books being used entirely to set up the next event, and that's all I feel in this one. And quite frankly I wish we could get a bit of a break from universe spanning crossovers. We just had one with Rapture, and before that Divinity III. It's cool to have a crossover every now and then but this seems to be nearly every quarter, this not a criticism of not just Valiant but the industry as a whole. When was the last month that no companies had an event going? Now I must point out that this book itself isn't an event book, but we are clearly leading to the Harbinger Wars II.

Having the actual lead characters feature was a huge positive in my opinion. These are some of Valiant s core characters and they need a book to shine in. I almost feel bad critiquing the issue so harshly because it's not bad by any means, unlike the previous issues I'm not left saying "so what?" At the end. It's just missing something. It just doesn't have the heart that previous incarnations had. The first volume of the New Valiant Harbinger built to its climax over many issues, and this book while building to a story point isn't building to a real emotional moment, at least it doesn't seem to be. We seem to be getting emotional jump scares, Monica Jim, aka Animalia visits the parents of one of her fallen Generation Zero teammates in which should be a really emotional moment, but honestly it's kind of flat. Maybe I just wasn't as emotionally attached to the Gen Zero kids as I should be, but then again that isn't my fault really. Overall the book left me cold and uninterested.

First thing I have to say about the art that while it is okay visually, Pete Stanchek who is one of the major Valiant characters looks completely different face wise and it was off putting. Other than some small style choices with the faces that I don't like all that much, the art was serviceable. The colours were pleasing.

Overall I am not impressed with the series since it's launch. It just hasn't grabbed me the way previous incarnations of Harbinger has. With that being said this is an improvement and hopefully the trending upwards will continue leading into the Harbinger Wars II. 

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