X-0 Manowar #5

by Jason Laframboise on August 01, 2017

Written by MATT KINDT
Published by Valiant Comics

Our issue begins with Aric of Earth leaving his alien home once again to lead a battle for the Azure. We start off with one giant battle. Aric leads his men right into the chambers of the president of his enemies. Aric is as successful as he always is in battle. After returning home, Aric is summoned to the palace of the Emperor of the Azure and is sent back out on another mission. Aric goes back to seek peace with the King of the Burnt tribe that he met in an earlier issue. Aric discovers that the Burnt are being killed off by a mysterious weapon that may take the power of his X-O Armour to defeat. Will Aric finally use the armor to fight this new threat? Stay tuned to find out.

Once again the writing is solid. How could it not be when it is written by Matt Kindt? Kindt has been a master craftsman for the Valiant universe, all of his stories contributing in the widening of that universe. From his resurrection of Ninjak, to his creation of the mythology of Rai and now taking the X-O Manowar story into a completely different direction from where it had ended, Matt Kindt has done it all and continues to shape the stories of Valiant. Normally I am frustrated by a decompressed story telling style, but Kindt engages the read so well that it doesn't really matter. I wish all books had so much care and took the time to build a story as this one does. 
As much as I love the writing of the book, the art is even better. The slightly gory battle scenes are brilliant. I love watching Aric battle against these strange alien creatures. It's all fantastic, fast paced and kinetic, and when the time is right those quiet moments are so well done you can feel the weight the characters are feeling. I love the pale colours that are used as they add so much to the atmosphere. 

I loved this book on all levels. We couldn't ask for a better team to guide this book. The journey we have started here is a fresh take on the X-O Manowar mythology, and has captured this reader. I feel like Aric has been fleshed out as a damaged character that really has added a new dimension to the classic Valiant character. This is the best the new Valiant can do for the readers, making great comics. I can't wait to continue the journey next month. A great series that is a must buy. 

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