Rapture #3

by Jason Laframboise on July 25, 2017

Written by MATT KINDT
Art by CAFU
Published by Valiant Comics

This is the third issue in the Rapture mini series. In this issue we continue to follow Tama the Geomancer, Ninjak, Punk Mambo and Rex the Razer as they traverse the Dead side in an effort to stop Babel an evil being who is attempting to construct a tower to pierce the heavens of the Dead Side that would cause chaos on the living side of Earth. Originally the team were joined by the being known as the Magpie, formerly the Shadowman or Jack Boniface but he has seemingly joined with Babel in an effort to rid himself of the Loa, a being that has a symbiotic relationship with Jack. Other then a bit of action we don't get much else in this one.

Lets start with my favourite part of the book, which is the art! I love every page. I'm a big fan of bizarre weird stuff in my art and this book delivers on that by the boat loads. The weird tiger lady thing with magic nipples that shoot out baby versions of her.....freaking weird, but awesome. That's something I didn't think I would ever write but there it is. Anyway the art in the book is phenomenal. I love the style for this type of story. Visually this issue is brilliant. Cafu handles the art in this issue. 

The writing is always good with Matt Kindt. The dialogue is witty when it needs to be, and every character feels like they are reacting to the situation the way they would naturally. Nothing feels forced. From Jack Boniface wanting to be rid of his Loa, to Tama the Geomancer everything just feels right here. Tama hasn't really be developed much as a character thus far in the Valiant Universe so it's nice to see her shine in this mini series. She finally feels like a real character that deserves screen time instead of a weird plot device like she has been in previous stories. Although not much actually happens in this issue. It's a penultimate chapter of the series so we set up the final battle and the biggest decision since Lebron with Jack Boniface maybe able to finally get rid of his Loa. No matter what else happens in this series with the finale just a month away if Matt Kindt can fix Shadowman I will be happy. I want to make note that I said Shadowman, not Jack Boniface, because personally I don't care for the character at all but I love the Shadowman concept. So here's hoping that if we can't get a great Jack Boniface we at least can get a great Shadowman out of this.

Overall another solid issue from Matt Kindt and team. I have loved every issue thus far, with my only real criticism is that we don't get nearly enough Ninjak. That's just a personal problem though. Great writing and a fantastic art makes for a happy read for this Valiant fan. Do yourself a favour and pick up this series as I am sure it will lead to bigger things down the line.

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