Faith #12

by Jason Laframboise on June 10, 2017

Written by JODY HOUSER
Published by Valiant Comics

So it's come down to this! The Faithless have our hero Faith trapped at their mercy, will the villains be triumphant in this final issue? Or will Faith find a way out of the trap to save herself and ultimately the day?? Wanna be Super Villain Chris Criswell has assembled a team of Faith's most dangerous foes, Dark Star the psychic cat, Murder Mouse(Jeff) a thief who earlier attempted to steal some ancient mystical totems and the alien Vine plantling and former reality star Sydney Pierce(who last issue posed as Faith to frame her for murder) have all joined together and have kidnapped Faith with the final plan to murder her. 

The issue was good. There wasn't a lot of action for Faith as she spent most of the issue still tied up. Instead of using her powers she basically used her wits to fight her greatest foes. It is hard to talk about the plot without giving away too much of the story. We get a great set of back and forths between Faith and the members of the Faithless were really good.  Houser's run with Faith has been a breath of fresh air. As I've said many times while reviewing this fantastic series, this is just a good old fashioned super hero book and has been an absolute delight to read. With most of the comics out there being so dark and honestly depressing to read it has been so nice to have this to look forward to. This is unfortunately the final issue of the series, though Faith and Houser will carry on and I hope that in the future we come back to some of the main plot threads left hanging at the end of the issue. It accomplished everything it set out to do, wrapping up the main story and leaving something for us to come back to later on.

The art continues to be light and fun, even in light of the slightly serious stakes. Eisma's art wouldn't be out of place with the newer Archie books really. I love the facial expressions in this issue, especially Chris Criswell's, great stuff. The way Faith's emotions are able to just come off the page almost makes me forget I'm reading a comic book. 

There has been a problem with diversity in comics. Recently a company was criticized when someone said basically that the comics with comics featuring women, or minorities don't sell and they would return to selling their classic characters. Faith is proof that the key to selling these characters is really easy, well written stories. Regardless of the size and gender of the main character this has been a great fun superhero book, that I honestly would buy even if it wasn't a Valiant book. It has been a really great book and when the character returns in Faith and the Future Force, I will be buying, and so should you!

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