X-O Manowar #3

by Jason Laframboise on May 27, 2017

Written by MATT KINDT
Published By Valiant Comics

The third chapter in the new X-O Manowar series. The story picks up from last issue where Aric of Urth(Earth) has been placed in charge of a rag tag unit of soldiers who have a mission that they must complete in order to sway the war on the planet into their sides favour. So Aric does what he does, all without his famous X-O Armour. 

I must make a special mention of the art style in the first couple pages. It looks really cool with a sort of an almost faux ancient Greek style. The rest of the issue has some really great art as well. While the big fight scenes are awesome and so well done in this style, I actually prefer the smaller moments, panels that just focus on a character's face or the hover craft leaving the city. It could just be my digital copy or but the colours do look kind of faded. It's not really a bad thing and I'm not sure if this style of art would look better with brighter colours, especially given the subject matter of the book. I only bring it up to point out the colour differences. Good stuff with the art.

While I enjoy the issue and the direction of the series, I do miss the old X-O series. It's a good story so far but maybe a little slow moving. Matt Kindt has earned a lot of goodwill with me for his runs on Rai and Ninjak, so I am willing to go along with him for this ride, but I am a little concerned about the pacing of the story. Not with the issue it's self but the overall story line, the plot seems to be dragging. While I enjoy the journey, can we get somewhere soon please. Its not really a complaint with this book as more of an issue I have with comics in general. Anyway the book was a fun read, with lots of great action, and enough to keep me interested. Even if this book didn't feature one of my favourite characters I would still enjoy it but I do have the feeling that we are writing stories to be trade paper back length instead of telling the story at the pace is deserves. 

Was this a perfect book? No, it wasn't. However it was a really good book. I am actually digging the kind of Planet Hulk vibe about it. Aric as the stranger on a strange world, fighting in a conflict that he wants no part of works really well, and makes this a fun series despite the lack of X-O armour. The art is a major selling point. I liked the book, but it may read better as a trade or if you wait until you have all the issues of the arc. Either way buy this book!

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