Rorschach #9 Review

by James Caudill on June 09, 2021

Rorschach #9 Cover A

“There’s meaning and there’s nothingness.”--The Kid


Tom King--Writer

Jorge Fornés--Interior and Cover Artist

Dave Stewart--Colorist

Clayton Cowles--Letterer

Francesco Mattina--Variant Cover Artist

DC Black Label--Publisher


Tom King and Jorge Fornés are doing an incredible job on this Rorschach story they’ve been building. This comic has been like a true noir detective story just set within the Watchmen Universe. King and Fornés along with Dave Stewart are telling their own story within this universe but they are not exactly tied to the overall story by Alan Moore. You do get little snippets of background info but overall...this is King and Fornés story and they are an amazing duo for this story. 


King has done an excellent job of using Watchmen as canon while telling his own story in this universe. King is bringing in some greats in comics while weaving this tale. We have Wil Myerson..a.k.a. Rorschach...who is none other than the reclusive Jack “King” Kirby...and he also brings in Frank Miller into the story. This is kind of like a who’s who in comics history and it is really well done. With this detective story, on the assassination attempt of Governor Turley who is running against President Redford, we see this unnamed detective investigating. This particular issue gives you a little surprise at the end which is not exactly surprising given the story and political history but if you haven’t been keeping up with dictators much or your political history...then you are in for a real treat with the twist at the end. 


It really feels like Fornés and Stewart were destined to work on this book with King. The art style and colors fit within this Watchmen Universe but it is certainly it’s own thing. Fornés pencils are sharp and you see every detail that he puts into the page. Stewart comes in with his muted palette and brings those panels to life. I certainly need to try to get an original art page from this maxiseries because it is near perfect art and I love it. By the way, have you seen these covers? The covers alone are worth the price of the comic. They are just gorgeous. 


I am really into this story and formula that the HBO series Watchmen set up and this comic fills in with the show. The show is set in the future of that universe and does it’s own thing within that world. This comic follows the formula and does its own thing. King has this and Strange Adventures coming out monthly right now and this by far is the superior book in my opinion. While Strange Adventures has been good for sure, this book is just so much better. I would highly recommend picking Rorschach up this week. 


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