Swamp Thing #4 Review

by James Caudill on June 02, 2021

Swamp Thing #4 Cover A

“This is the power of the green.”--Alec Holland


Ram V--Writer

Mike Perkins--Artist

Mike Spicer--Colorist



Ram V and Mike Perkins have created the best Swamp Thing issue in years. What these two amazing creators are doing with Swamp Thing is doing the same thing that Alan Moore did to Swamp Thing decades ago...making the character better. 


As far as writing goes, Ram V is one of the hottest writers right now. Everything he touches turns to gold it feels like. His take on this new Swamp Thing and the new avatar of Levi Kamei is new and innovative. Swamp Thing is one of those amazing characters that has a rich background and can be tough to tackle. Maybe not like the “big three” in DC publication history, but still Swampy has a deep background and many people feel like they have to live up to Alan Moore. Ram V is living up to that history but making Swamp Thing his own. This fourth issue of the 10 issue run (which I’m hoping will turn into an ongoing) is just absolutely amazing. Let’s just say that Levi Kamei Swamp Thing comes into his own in this issue. 


The writing is only dwarfed by the art and colors in this book. The two Mikes (Perkins and Spicer) are doing an amazing job in the art duties on this book. Both understand what makes Swamp Thing tick and it is just absolutely amazing. There are some amazing splash pages that just take your breath away when you see them. Two better artists for this series can not be found. This is just absolutely amazing! 


I really can’t say enough good things about Swamp Thing. This is one of three great books coming out from DC right now. I absolutely love this new Swamp Thing run. If DC knows what’s best for them, they need to make Swamp Thing by Ram V and two Mikes as an ongoing. A ten issue run is going to be amazing and I’ll take it, but I’m already wanting more. 

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