Swamp Thing #3 Review

by James Caudill on May 04, 2021

Swamp Thing #3 Cover

“Perhaps, we are...all of us...not as weak...as you think.”--Swamp Thing


Ram V--Writer

Mike Perkins--Artist/Cover Artist

Mike Spicer--Colorist/Cover Artist

Aditya Bidikar--Letterer


Swamp Thing #3 grabs you with the green and sets on a magnificent and maybe deadly journey into the green. Levi Kamei, the new Swamp Thing, is trying to figure out what is actually going on with him and he travels inside to the heart of the Green. However, that is where Swamp Thing garners his real power and it makes him stronger and can anyone satiate that thirst for great power? 


Ram V is telling one heck of a great story here. He brings in some fan favorite DC characters and Swamp Thing...well...he begins the journey to figure out who he is and what he is. Ram V is tickling our Swamp Thing fancy with this new and innovative take on this character. I love that DC Comics is allowing Ram V the opportunity to explore these new possibilities with Swamp Thing. It is one of the good books coming out from DC and I highly recommend it. 


While the story is absolutely fantastic, it is dwarfed only by the art by Mike Perkins and the beautiful color palette of Mike Spicer. Holy smokes the art is so good. The pencils are nice and crisp and the way that Perkins is putting pencil to paper so to speak is phenomenal. Perkins understands what makes Swamp Thing a great character. And take a look at the page that I put down in the thumbnails. One is so simple yet elegant and one is just mind blowing. Add the colors by Mike Spicer and you have an EPIC story on your hands. The green is lush and full and the fire that burns within Swamp Thing...well you can see it for yourself. It is just absolutely breathtaking. 


I cannot recommend Swamp Thing enough. Ram V is getting to play with the Swamp Thing mythos and is doing a fantastic job with it. The art is just stunning from both Perkins and Spicer. I could continue on and on but I want to go read this story again!

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