Harley Quinn #19

by Hussein Wasiti on May 03, 2017


Writers: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Paul Dini

Artists: John Timms and Bret Blevins

Colourists: Jeremiah Skipper and Alex Sinclair

Publisher: DC Comics


This is the end of the current Red Meat arc, and it brought a genuine breathe of fresh air to the series. It's been up and down when it comes to quality, and I'm liking the direction it's going in.


It was strong on both ends, with the main story satisfying me and the back-up being a lot of fun. John Timms' art is mostly good across the series but it really gets to shine here. There's a lot of action and funny scenes and broken glass that makes the whole story feel very vibrant and alive. Timms' also crafts some awesome fight scenes.


The back-up, as I mentioned, was also a lot of fun. Getting the story in drips and drabs makes sense since the story is obviously written just for fun. It's nice to see the art harken back to the style of the original animated series. There's a bit of a tone down of Harley's sexualisation in the back-up, which I appreciate since I had a big problem with it.


The series continues to go uphill as the team finishes up the storyline in a clean, satisfying way. The art on both ends impressed me greatly, with both artists adding more dynamic imagery that spiced up the story, with the first story in particular looking fantastic.

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