Wonder Woman #21

by Hussein Wasiti on April 26, 2017

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artist: Liam Sharp

Colourist: Laura Martin and Hi-Fi

Publisher: DC Comics


With both Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp leaving the title soon with their run ending at #25, I've been nervous about whether or not Rucka has properly finish up his story in just a few issues. Given the events of this issue, I think he might be able to do that. While we don't exactly get any answers in this issue, some more questions pop up, but they relate directly to Diana's dilemma.


Rucka has done a perfect job setting up Veronica Cale as more than a villain, but a conflicted person who has been searching for a way to fix her daughter for years at this point. It's tragic and heartfelt. Rucka mentioned recently that reading his run in trade might make for a confusing experience, so read it issue-by-issue if you can to really experience the build-up.


The first few pages provided one of the most badass Wonder Woman moments I've ever seen, which was made even better with Liam Sharp's art. I'll be missing Sharp's art the most. His Diana is graceful and beautiful, and it'll be hard for future artists to live up to his work.


This was a very tight issue, story-wise. Not much happened aside from an amazing cliffhanger teasing next month's continuation of the story. Sharp's art is just brilliant on every level, and Rucka's build-up begins to pay off here.

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