Wonder Woman #19

by Hussein Wasiti on March 22, 2017

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artist: Liam Sharp

Colours: Laura Martin

Publisher: DC Comics


The last few issues of this series have been very good, and this one is no different. This is definitely the best issue in The Truth storyline. It moves the story along quite nicely, and wasn't confusing at all. Greg Rucka tells a very straight-forward story, and it works very well.


Liam Sharp's art has been a bit of a step down from the first arc, The Lies, but it is still impressive. He has some fun, inventive panel work in this issue, and his level of detail is extraordinary.


I don't know how I feel about Barbara becoming Cheetah again. While it adds even more tragedy to the pre-existing drama of the character, it feels like Rucka might be going in circles. Since Diana choose to go after Barbara after learning of what happened to her, I can't help but feel we might be treading the same ground already, less than 20 issues in. The ending of this issue had me very interested, though. Hopefully it keeps things interesting going forward, rather than going away by the time the next issue of the arc comes out.


The straight-forward narrative of Godwatch has fortunately bled into The Truth, as this issue moved along fine and swiftly. The dialogue and the relationship between all the characters worked, especially with the excellent storytelling of the previous Godwatch issue. The surprising ending solidifies the threat of the Diana's enemies, and I hope it continues to impact the character.

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