Harley Quinn #16

by Hussein Wasiti on March 15, 2017

Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner
Artist: John Timms and Joseph Michael Linsner
Colours: Alex Sinclair
Publisher: DC Comics
While not as consistently funny as the last issue, the finale to the Nether Regions arc ends mostly ties things together in a weirdly satisfying way, despite the complete mystery that is the other storylines, them being the future Batman-obsessed future, and the vampire/homeless people plot. These individual stories have moved at such a slow pace, that all they have done was distract us from the genuinely funny Harley/Zorcrom relationship.
Bruce Timms' art is still great, although his faces are still a bit of a problem. Everything else seems well-detailed, but his faces just don't look as good when compared to everything else displayed in the panel. Joseph Michael Linsner was on art for the flash-forward Batman society stuff, and that provided a different flavour and feel to the overall world, which made Linsner's addition feel welcome and necessary. 
With Paul Dini coming onto the series to tell an ongoing backup story, this book might just be getting better and better.
This arc has so far unsuccessfully juggled three different storylines all at once, and this issue also falls prey to the muddled pacing. However, the bits involving Harley were a lot of fun, unlike the vampire and the future story, which we get in such small doses that they seem like filler.

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