Wonder Woman #23

by Hussein Wasiti on May 24, 2017

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artist: Liam Sharp

Colourist: Hi-Fi

Publisher: DC Comics


The conclusion to The Truth storyline is here. Greg Rucka's run ends in two more issues, with an annual coming at the end of the month.


Did we get the answer to Wonder Woman's plight? I think we did, and it wasn't underwhelming. I don't think Rucka ever intended it to be a huge plot twist, although it is a twist after all, so it all depends on the execution. Rucka managed to ground it and humanise Diana when she finds out. Rucka also ties it into the Year One arc in a fun way.


Liam Sharp's art is what I'm going to miss the most when this team departs the title. The first few pages were just epic in every sense of the word; his detail is immaculate and I love his take on Diana. I like how there wasn't much action, because that's not what the story is about, so Rucka and Sharp kept the conflict contained and focused mostly in Ares' prison.


What I'm worried about is the state of the title after Rucka and Sharp leave, which I think is a genuine concern. Mirka Andolfo, the artist slated to take over, drew the last issue and I didn't like it. Shea Fontana is untested in my eyes but I hope the new team pulls it off.


Rucka's storytelling skills are unquestioned and I'll miss his presence on the book. Here, his dialogue us stunning and contrasts very well to Sharp's mature, detailed art. The truth has been revealed, and I loved the answer we've been given.

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