Harley Quinn #20

by Hussein Wasiti on May 17, 2017

Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, and Paul Dini

Artists: John Timms, Joseph Michael Linsner, and Bret Blevins

Colourist: Alex Sinclair

Publisher: DC Comics


I was a big fan of the last arc, but I'm sad to say that this issue disappointed me. I hate it when a book switches artists midway through it, but John Timms' art just stops and Joseph Michael Linsner, who was doing the future storyline art previously, did the rest of the issue.


There's nothing wrong with Linsner's art; in fact, I think it fit the story quite well and looked nice overall. It's just that I prefer one artist on a book. Call me old fashioned.


The story on display wasn't terribly interesting anyway. I don't care about Harley's parents visiting her, and I absolutely do not care about the Harley Sinn character. The character from the future sent to kill Harley, Devani, shows up and that disappoints as well. I'm sure she'll show up again, but her appearance was underwhelming.


The back-up was great, though. The art was fun and the story was really simple. I don't know where the story is really heading, since absolutely nothing happens in the issue, but it was a fun, quick read with some nice Dini dialogue.


This issue falls flat with the little story it provides, and what story it does provide simply isn't interesting or hasn't since the beginning, such as Harley Sinn's whole job. The art change bugged me a little too.

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