Young Justice #3 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on March 06, 2019

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Patrick Gleason and Viktor Bogdanovic
Inking by Jonathan Glapion
Colouring by Alejandro Sanchez, Chris Sotomayor, and Hi-Fi
Lettering by Carlos M. Mangual and Josh Reed
This book sure is weird, huh?
It's not weird from a story point of view. The usual things happen, in that characters are transported to another dimension, shenanigans ensue, and all the rest. It's in the way the story is being told that interests me. The fact that series artist Patrick Gleason is only drawing around half of the book is just confusing, however.
The pace of the story is dictating these choices. Brian Michael Bendis is pacing the book in a way I haven't really seen him do before. Instead of propelling the plot forward to get where he wants to go, what he wants to focus on is the characters and what they've been doing this whole time. They haven't appeared in their original incarnations in years so to me this is Bendis' way of having his cake and eating it too. He just wants them to appear as they were, as if nothing happened, but he also wants to take the time to explain where they've been in the actual years they've been missing. I'm fairly comfortable with this method since I think Bendis and Gleason, along with extra collaborator Viktor Bogdanovic, are telling this story well.
Bogdanovic drew the Superboy portion of the story, as every issue #2 onwards will focus on one of the members of this team. I don't have any experience with Conner Kent at all, so I'm taking Bendis' word at face value. I don't know if this story makes any sense, but it was well-done and strikes an interesting theme. I'm sure Conner Kent fans will go absolutely insane after reading this issue, however. I genuinely don't know if it'll be positive or negative. Bogdanovic is fantastic and I love his art, and he does a pretty good job here. He's so dynamic and expressive and he needs to do a consistent book. There are a slew of colourists on this book but I believe Chris Sotomayor and Hi-Fi handled Bogdanovic's section.
Gleason is getting better and better with each issue, truly. He's one of the best artists working today, period. His expressions and character work blend together perfectly with Alejandro Sanchez's amazing colouring. While the last few pages were a bit frustrating to read, visually, this whole thing looked incredible.
I'm just surprised at the very conceit of this book and the way the team is telling the story. Time will tell to see if it's truly working for everyone, but I'm on board and I'm excited to read more.

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