Catwoman #4 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on October 10, 2018

Writer: Joelle Jones
Artists: Joelle Jones and Fernando Blanco
Colourists: Laura Allred and John Kalisz
Letterer: Josh Reed
I was a bit lukewarm on the previous issue, and I'm afraid I feel the same way about this issue. These past two issues have dealt heavily with flashbacks, and I honestly think the only reason Joelle Jones is exploring these flashbacks is that it gives her an excuse to have a guest artist, Fernando Blanco.
There isn't anything wrong with Blanco's art. It's quite nice; I just don't think Blanco and Jones' style mesh very well together. Normally one colourist would colour the entire book to give the whole issue a consistent look to it, but the art transitions aren't consistent and the story genuinely suffers because of it. Jones' artwork is, as usual, simply fantastic, and is some of the best art DC is putting out right now. I just think she should stick to art, though.
The story is boring, plain and simple. These flashbacks don't get me invested in any of these characters, let alone her sister Maggie. There's barely been any earned story progression between these two issues, and we only progress the story by an inch here. And the ending didn't make itself very clear to me, so I doubly walked away unsatisfied.
After a solid two first issues, this book has really lost me and I attribute my problems with simple story padding, unnecessary flashbacks, and a generally uncompelling story. I really want to like this book, but it's existing for existence's sake.

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