Captain America Annual #1 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on September 19, 2018

Writer: Tini Howard
Artists: Chris Sprouse and Ron Lim
Inkers: Karl Story, Walden Wong, and Scott Hanna
Colourists: Jesus Aburtov, Erick Arciniega, and Israel Silva
Letterer: Joe Caramagna
I'm confused as to why an annual would release for a series only three issues in, but Marvel works in mysterious ways. And here we are. Reviewing an annual three issues in. Oh Marvel.
This is a relatively simple and classic Cap story. Set during the Second World War, Cap and his sidekick Bucky run across a few escaped Nazi prisoners (in that they were captured by Nazis), and the duo promise to save them and bring them home.
Tini Howard is a newcomer to me, and even acknowledges that this is her first Marvel work. Apparently this is a personal story for her, and it's plainly obvious in the character work of these escapees. They have basic goals and don't feel like the helpless bunch that they easily could have been. Her dialogue leans on the overtly patriotic and assured side but that's a given when writing Captain America, so I'll give her a pass. The voices she gives Bucky and the prisoners honestly feels fresh. I'm genuinely excited to see what Howard does next at Marvel.
Chris Sprouse and Ron Lim are on art duties. The transition between the two was a lot less seamless than I thought it was going to be, but it was nice getting some Sprouse interior work since I believe it's been a while. His Cap is fantastic and while this issue is over-sized, it reads like a breeze thanks to the fantastic artwork.
I recommend this to anyone who wants a fun, easy to get into Captain America story. The art is fantastic and the writer is worth looking out for. Check it out!

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