Damage #3 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on March 21, 2018

Writers: Tony S. Daniel and Robert Venditti

Artist: Tony S. Daniel

Inker: Danny Miki

Colourist: Tomeu Morey

Letterer: Tom Napolitano


This is the best issue of the series yet. Not only does it continue to look simply gorgeous, but the story is beginning to get really interesting. The series' lingering problems persist however, so the team will need to more to impress me. I don't think this book will sustain its momentum because Tony S. Daniel is going over to BATMAN for a short arc, so he won't be drawing this book for the foreseeable future.


If this is Daniel's final issue on the series, then he went out with a bang. This issue mostly comprises of a fight between Damage and Wonder Woman, and Daniel somehow tops what he's done over the past two issues. Maybe it's because this is the first time Damage is fighting something truly at his power level, which we haven't seen before. The detail Daniel infuses into the linework is really impeccable, and the inking and colouring work by Danny Miki and Tomeu Morey elevated it.


As for the plot, we get some progression of what Robert Venditti introduced at the beginning of the series; the fact that the villain, Colonel Jonas, was able to keep the truth of what Ethan Avery did while in the military away from him. That's really interesting, and with what happens in this issue, it seems like the character will have a bit of a goal which gets me excited to read the rest of the series. The inclusion of the Suicide Squad in the last issue, which I thought was a bit contrived to get people to buy the book, comes into play in quite a big way and that too gets me excited to read the next issue.


This was a strong and action-heavy issue that progressed the story along quite nicely. I'm bummed that Daniel is off the book so I hope the story compensates in the future. This may be the best New Age of Heroes book out there, so get on it.

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