Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #36

by Hussein Wasiti on January 10, 2018

Writer: Robert Venditti

Artist: Jack Herbert and Jose Luis

Inkers: Jack Herbert, Mick Gray, and Cam Smith

Colourist: Jason Wright

Letterer: Dave Sharpe


This is the purest form of filler I've seen in a while. Robert Venditti really hasn't given this series any solid direction to go towards, and as a result the stories we've been getting have been these contained and mostly meaningless stories which don't really amount to anything.


This is the fourth instalment in what should have been a two-part story, like that Hal Jordan/Superman story we got before the METAL tie-in. In an effort to stretch out a very simple premise to a full story arc, this issue is full of filler narration, contrived plot developments, and manages to really kill the stakes very early on. These all come together and make for a very frustrating read, especially since this was the Green Lantern book I hooked myself onto. Now I think I don't have a solid Green Lantern book to enjoy. The Controllers aren't a really threatening group of individuals now that a mere four Green Lanterns have busted through their door, and whatever tension there was to be had concerning the Guardians has just deflated.


The art, however, is stellar. Jack Herbert is a gem and possibly draws the best John Stewart I've ever seen, which I'm sure I've already mentioned in another review. The action is gorgeous the Jason Wright's colouring is absolutely beautiful, creating one of the most beautiful looking issues of the past couple of years. Herbert is joined by Jose Luis, who has been appearing in the "Super" titles on-and-off recently and I'd love to see his work around more based on his art here. The transition between Herbert and Luis is seamless enough for those not paying attention.


This book is such a beauty to behold, but it's relatively empty. This story was definitely stretched out, and the lack of tension and proper pacing is a big indication of this. Skip this issue if you're buying.

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