Green Arrow #36

by Hussein Wasiti on January 03, 2018

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Juan Ferreyra

Letterer: Deron Bennett


This is one of the better issues of the series. In fact, I thought this issue was quite great. Benjamin Percy has really stepped up his game here and concluded this arc is a very satisfying way that has me looking forward to next month's issue.


Relationships seem to be at the centre of this issue; Green Arrow and Black Canary reembrace each other after Oliver's near-death experience underwater, Moira and Merlyn's relationship plays a role in Moira's efforts to rid herself of the Ninth Circle's vendetta against her, and Robert Queen and Shado's relationship which spawned Emiko may be the important underlying relationship of this story.


Something that stood out to me upon finishing this issue was how fast everything moved. It seemed that this book was at a standstill for the longest time and the story is hitting a stride and pace that I felt really comfortable with, which I hope the series continues to do.


The standout, by far, is the excellent art. Juan Ferreyra is firing on all cylinders, delivering one of the absolute best looking issues that I can remember. I love how unconventional yet efficient his art can be, such as in the second and third pages where a double-page spread extends over three different areas and three people's concerns over Oliver's safety. It's beautiful and I've never seen anything like it, which should be the best complement I can give.


While Ferreyra's art has never let me down, I was surprised to find that I was satisfied with the story as well. Percy does a keep job as maintaining my interest and the final page has me excited for the next issue.

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