Marvel 2-In-One #1

by Hussein Wasiti on December 20, 2017

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Artist: Jim Cheung

Inkers: John Dell and Walden Wong

Colourist: Frank Martin

Letterer: Joe Caramagna


Fans have been clamouring for the return of the Fantastic Four for the past year or so, and the launch of this new series may be the first step towards Marvel's first family finally making a comeback.


At the helm are Chip Zdarsky and Jim Cheung, the former making a name for himself in the writing department over at Marvel in recent months, while no words are needed to introduce the legendary Cheung. For those eager to see the Fantastic Four again: Does this live up to the hype?


I would say yes. This issue reads like the Fantastic Four are genuinely an important part of the Marvel fabric, which is actually the case. I also got the impression that Marvel is trying to erase the fact that they've essentially been keeping the Fantastic Four away from the spotlight, and they do play a huge part while not appearing in full.


Zdarsky really achieves an emotional resonance, both for the reader and for Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm. They live in a world where their family isn't whole; everything they know is upside down, emphasised by Victor Von Doom's heel turn and recent hero-like behaviour as seen in Brian Bendis' and Alex Maleev's INFAMOUS IRON MAN (get well, soon Brian!). Johnny in particular sort of represents the more brash outcry towards Marvel, as he lashes out at Ben at one point in the story for reminding him of Reed and Sue. I love the Fantastic Four as well, and I'm certainly with Ben and Johnny on an emotional level; if this is the first step to bring back to the Four, then I hope the fantastic build-up continues to something I have wanted for a while now.


What also impressed me was the inclusion of Doom in this story. Bendis has done a wonderful job with the character recently and Zdarsky also seems to be offering a great interpretation of the character as well. Doom is as essential to the Four as the blue on their costumes and the role he plays seems to be a big one.


Cheung's art is incredible. Put simply, this is one of the best looking books Marvel has put out in recent years. I love Cheung's take on the characters, which feels grounded and is accentuated by Frank Martin's excellent colouring. Cheung  also nails the action scenes, bringing a Kirby-esque technique forward during a certain fight scene.


Zdarsky and Cheung impress on a storytelling and emotional level. The art is fresh and exciting and the potential return of the Fantastic Four should make any Marvel fan excited for what's to come. Pick this up!

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