Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #31

by Hussein Wasiti on October 25, 2017

Writer: Robert Venditti

Artist: Patrick Zircher

Colourist: Jason Wright

Letterer: Dave Sharpe


This was a really quick and unnecessary read. I really enjoyed the previous issue because of the interplay between Hal and Superman, as well as the tie-in to the previous Sinestro arc in the main SUPERMAN book, but we get a mish-mash of ideas and characters that overall make a less cohesive story than I would've hoped. The art, however, is still stellar as always, which is to be expected by Patrick Zircher.


Zircher usually works with Hi-Fi but since Jason Wright is mostly the regular colourist on this book, the Zircher/Wright pairing intrigued me. I personally think his art here is better than his work on ACTION COMICS since Wright's colours really make the art pop in a way it hasn't previously. Zircher's depiction of Superman is fantastic and the bright red and blue really caught my eye.


While the art was my biggest takeaway of the issue, the story slightly disappointed me. I don't understand exactly why the Sinestro story was dropped in between these two issues, and that's something this book should be dealing with since Sinestro would be a genuine threat to the Corps. The Hector Hammond story wasn't particularly interesting but it was nice seeing him again. The Kroloteans make an appearance here but their plan isn't very fleshed out and one of their schemes which involves using illusions. Hal experiences one of these illusions, but it's not explained as to why the Kroloteans were able to perfectly mimic the characters who show up in this vision.


While light on the story front, the art really impressed me in the conclusion to this two-parter before the big METAL crossover.

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