Crosswind #4

by Hussein Wasiti on September 27, 2017


Writer: Gail Simone

Artist: Cat Staggs

Letterer: Simon Bowland


The story really picks up in this issue. With this issue, I think I'm beginning to see the intent behind the story, which I stupidly didn't realise until Gail Simone herself hammers home the point in an interview conducted with a transgender individual as extra bonus material in the book. It certainly made me see the story in a different light, even more so because of what happens in this issue.


Despite the more serious talk, this was still a great issue. The November solicitations reveal that this series is going to end with #6, which makes the story seem immediately more tense since there are now two issues left to go. The stories are beginning to converge and it's a lot more natural than I expected.


I'd love to talk more about the story but I really don't want to spoil anything. I think this series has been golden since the beginning and I want people to experience it for themselves. It's more than a traditional body swap story if the opening paragraph hasn't made that clear.


Cat Staggs impresses me yet again with her excellent artwork. The body language between the two main characters is my favourite part when I read this series. It just perfectly sells the character which sells the fact that they have indeed switched bodies.


This is a great issue, and I'm confident Simone and Staggs will stick the landing come November. The story is fresh and deep and the art is simply fantastic.

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