Crosswind #3

by Hussein Wasiti on August 30, 2017

Writer: Gail Simone

Artist: Cat Staggs

Letterer: Simon Bowland


This is such a fun read, month in and month out. Gail Simone and Cat Staggs create a cathartic, character-driven experience brought to life by Staggs' body language-driven art. Aside from a joke directed at one of the main characters, describing her as one of those "cis women", the writing was fantastic.


Simone presents a dichotomy between the two characters, Juniper and Cason. Juniper's story is more of a tense, fish-out-of-water story, where she doesn't really know what she's doing in Cason's body and is slowly warming up to his life and his line of work. Cason, on the other hand, offers up the bulk of the fun of the story. These sections are when I'm impressed the most with the title, particularly Staggs' art. She is able to completely nail body language, which comes across as very funny sometimes when we see Cason, as Juniper, act completely out of character for her and to see the reactions of her loved ones.


The story expands with this issue too. The situations these characters have found themselves in have now ended, and now they are continuing on their adventure. We get two big moments for both characters that tease their story going forward, and I'm beyond pumped.


This is the most satisfying issue of the series yet, expanding the scope of the story, which got me excited for the future. According to the November solicitations, the sixth issue is the final issue, so we're at the halfway point here.

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