Crosswind #2

by Hussein Wasiti on July 26, 2017

Written by Gail Simone

Art by Cat Staggs

Lettering by Simon Bowland


Fun story: I was at my local comic store the week the first issue in the series came out. In comes a guy who proceeds to pick up a whole stack of comics and is looking at a few others he may be interested in. I told him that he should pick up Crosswind #1, which I already reviewed and rated at hat point, giving it a 9/10. He picked it up, thanked me for the recommendation, and bought his comics. Now, I don't know if he ended up liking it but if he didn't then he has no business in that comic shop!


This was yet another incredibly enjoyable issue. The last issue was very engaging but this issue took it to the next level, with Gail Simone and Cat Staggs really delving into our two characters, Juniper and Cason, and showcasing how comfortable they can be in each other's skin. Especially Cason, who seems to be enjoying preparing a huge meal for his body's husband and boss.


Ditto with Juniper, who applies her housewife talents to cleaning up a crime scene. It's oddly hilarious in its own way. Both characters receive a mysterious phone call from someone who knows a lot of their current situation and even calls them by their real names, thereby confirming that he is the one responsible. Hence the story makes a lot more sense than it did in the first issue. I shouldn't go into it further so you can go out, pick this book up, and enjoy it as well.


Cat Staggs' art was remarkable. Something Staggs did really well that I picked up on was her use of body language. It was set up in the previous issue that Juniper wasn't the most confident person, while Cason was just the most confident person in the room every time. Here, she uses body language to not only differentiate the two characters after they switch bodies, which is also a great way to let their character come across even though they don't look like they normally should. Seeing Cason's body in a pose like Juniper would do was a great detail, as was seeing Juniper's body flaunt itself like Cason would.


I really do recommend picking this book up, as well as checking the last issue out. It's such fun storytelling and is thoroughly refreshing, and just a lot of fun. The art is so good and the writing is some of the best I've seen in a while. Buy this!

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