Harley Quinn #21

by Hussein Wasiti on June 07, 2017


Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, and Paul Dini

Artists: Joseph Michael Linsner, John Timms, and Bret Blevins

Colourists: Alex Sinclair and Jeremiah Skipper

Publisher: DC Comics


The disappointing ending from last issue is thankfully saved at the beginning of this issue, as Devani the time-travelling assassin manages to fly back to Harley and puts up a fight. It went on for a bit too long and Devani keeps shocking Harley but it's not exactly clear what her suit is doing to her, so it's vague and weird. The issue picks up a whole lot when the fight ends.


We then get treated to quite the enormous twist. I don't want to say too much about it or who it involves, but it's quite fun and readers who have been reading Harley since her New 52 series started will get a kick out of it.


The art was a bit inconsistent yet again. Joseph Michael Linsner and John Timms alternate again and this is what's really wrong with the double-shipping method. It goes from Timms to Linsner to Timms again. It doesn't exactly ruin the pacing of the book, but their art styles are radically different from each other and they both styles give off different vibes.


The back-up story by Paul Dini, Palmiotti, and Bret Blevins continues to provide a bit of fun but nothing else. There isn't really an endgame and this is the fifth instalment of the back-up. The page count is too short to really warrant a promise of a long-reaching narrative, but the story is fun because of a few bits and pieces of dialogue as well as the Animated Series-style artwork.


This issue really does a good job at making me care for this story again because the last issue simply fizzled. The story was fun and the reveal is sure to get people talking. Still, the art inconsistencies are unforgivable and they detract from the overall experience. The back-up provides such little doses of fun that I don't really see the need for them anymore.

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