The Amazing Spider-Man: Going Big #1 Review

by Harlan Ivester on September 04, 2019

Writers: Gerry Conway, Erik Larsen, Ralph Macchio
Pencilers: Mark Bagley, Todd Nauck, Erik Larsen
Inkers: Victor Olazaba, Andy Owens, Dexter Vines, Todd Nauck
Colorists: Carlos Lopez, Rachelle Rosenberg, Laura Martin
Letterers: VC’s Joe Sabino, Ferran Delgado
Publisher: Marvel Comics

            This is the kind of thing that comes out once in a while from Marvel and doesn’t get marketed as much as it should. Big, important names in Spidey history returning to the character for an all-star romp, and I’ve hardly heard the House of Ideas mention it. Conway alone is enough to pique my interest, but the rest means I just had to talk about this.

            On the whole, I’m pretty satisfied with the quality of this book. I think Macchio’s story is the weakest of the three, due to some questionable advice from Uncle Ben. Still, I liked it over all because highlighting Ben as an important figure in Peter’s life and development is always something I will appreciate. Conway’s story is a little weird at first because of its structure, but when you think about how it would read if the story were told in chronological order, it makes sense and you can see why he decided to tell the story the way he did. Larsen’s Spider-Man is probably the funniest, in an annoying, questionable sanity kind of way. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea, so keep that in mind, but I enjoyed it.

            The art ranges from good to great while carrying distinct styles in each story. This is some of the best stuff I’ve seen from Bagley in a while, and I’ve been loving his recent work anyway. Something about his faces is just so clean here. Larsen’s is good overall, but I think his body language can sometimes be a little misplaced. Everyone’s action is easy to follow. The colorists all do awesome work when it comes to shadows and sunsets and that type of thing.

            If you’re a fan of any of the three writers on this title, I would recommend picking this up. Odds are, if you like one of them, then the others will be just as fun for you. The stories are fun and quick, with solid-at-least visuals that tie everything together. Give it a shot if you’re itching for some older style Spider-Man.

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